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What is Drupal?

What is Drupal?

There are many great places to find information about Drupal:

  1.,    Straight from the source.
  2. Wikipedia,     Lot's of extra info here.
  3.,  VERY nice video here.
  4. and many more.

In a nutshell, Drupal is a web application [a piece of software that is FREE. It sits on your webserver [even the cheap ones like $5/mo] and allows YOU to make amazing websites without knowing how to write the code that makes a website. Drupal does the work for you.

Who uses Drupal?, NASA, Warner Brothers, Sony, BMG, LifeTime Networks, Popular Science Magazine,  The Emmys, The Grammys, The New York State Senate, The Onion, and many more!

Why do I use Drupal?
I had recently left a job answering tech support calls for commercial tanning beds. I took a job working for a well funded startup that wanted to create a website for people who had fun on lakes, boating, skiing, etc. Long story short, I discovered Drupal and its AMAZING flexibility and features. You don't need to know programming to let Drupal make you look good, but since I do program in PHP I really took to Drupal and have made it a lifestyle and a career!

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