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Blogging from my phone

Fri, 2008-11-14 07:56 -- dougvann

It will be a long time before I ever blog from my phone again!!!!
Don't get me wrong. I love my HTC Sprint phone, but hey, its supposed to be used for talking to people.
OK. Now I can say I did it.
I blogged from my phone.

Hanging out in IRC Freenode #drupal-support and #drupal

Tue, 2008-11-11 00:14 -- dougvann

If you're not hanging out in IRC chat then let me encourage you to do so.
Personally I use the <a href ="">ChatZilla</a> for FireFox. It gets the job done even though it has no bells or whistles.
Regardless of the IRC Client you use...
Access the
You can get to the Drupal channels by typing
/join #drupal   
Once there you can also open up a tab for the support channel
/join #drupal-support

A Blog a Day... You Can Too, with Drupal.

Tue, 2008-11-11 00:14 -- dougvann

A number of days ago I resolve to publish a blog a day. OK. Yesterday was a missfire. But hey, I published two on Sunday so my average is good!
Today I want to encourage you all to start your own blog!
#1... It gives your website purpose. If you have a website that you use as a playground for testing and goofing off... Take it and spruce it up and start blogging on it. If you're like me you have a couple different places where you can test modules and play around. So why not take one of your domains and start looking good on it?

You're never alone... With Drupal

Sun, 2008-11-09 10:01 -- dougvann

How I Became A Joomla Fan... and subsequently gave up on it...
In 2006 I was introduced to a system that I saw single-handedly change my employers ASP website into a manageable site that promised to have each department of the company maintaining there own section. I was amazed at how the new website looked just like the old one but had a much nicer back end and more possibilities. That is why I became a Joomla fan.

Owning Your Own Life with Drupal

Fri, 2008-11-07 23:10 -- dougvann

This post is a confession. I confess that I'm a control freak!
There's a good reason why Drupal is rocking the Education Website world. There's a good reason why Drupal is rocking the Social Networking world. There's a good reason why Drupal is rocking the worlds of Social Causes, NGOs, Not For Profit orgs, Churches, Arts, Sciences, Foreign Governments, Political Campaigns, etc.
I believe that Drupal's appeal is first and foremost to the basic human nature of CONTROL. I have long said that Drupal is for Control Freaks, and its so true!

Starting a Drupal users Group at Purdue University, or in Your Area

Fri, 2008-11-07 00:53 -- dougvann

Yesterday I received a request from a Drupal user who wanted me to help him start a Drupal Users Group on the campus of Purdue University.
You Betcha!
I jumped right on it. 11 months ago I brought the Indianapolis group together for their 1st ever meeting. Let me just say that the 2 of us had a good time. The second meeting was completely different. Well... It was still just two of us but it was a different person and me.
Skip ahead and now we have bi-weekly meetings where hungry people get a steady diet of the Drupal goodness.


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