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Who is Doug Vann

Mon, 2009-10-05 16:24 -- dougvann

My blogsite has been up since April 2008 and I'm finaly adding a page to explain who I am...


Born 1971 and raised in Indianapolis Indiana.  Graduated Warren Central 1990.  Married my beautiful wife in 1996 now we have 4 children aged 8 to 13.


Got a Commodore64 in 1983. Taught myself to program in BASIC. Wrote a database app for my church in 1984 and a "what color is your parachute" app for my highschool in 1986. Took Fortran and Pascal classes in highschool.

How To Become A Drupal Ninja With The Lullabot DVD Series

Thu, 2009-08-13 08:19 -- dougvann

I run into people all the time who want to learn how to leverage the awesome power of Drupal. Often, they want to learn as much as they can AND as quickly as possible. There's NO reason why any one can't get exactly what they want out of Drupal. The abundance of resources is OVERWHELMING.
There is NO SHORTAGE of free screencasts and podcasts and tutorials and online recipes, etc. Most of them are good and many are even great! However...


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