Been busy with Drupal training

Just a quick blog post today.
All is well at the not-so-new job. I've been with a little over 2 months and they have sent me to LA, Atlanta, and Ohio to deliver Drupal training.
Drupal Camp Atlanta
Two weekends ago I enjoyed the 1st ever Atlanta Drupal Camp.
Dave Terry and the gang at Media Current did a phenomenal job. The one day event was at the beautiful Kennesaw State University. The floods weren't there but the rain had definitely started. Addison Berry gave an amazing keynote address. The videos will be available in a few weeks. You can find links to some of the slides at the #drupalatl twitter stream.
Ohio Linux Fest
This previous weekend was the Ohio Linux Fest We celebrated 40 years of UNIX and 16 years of Linux. My Drupal Kickstart session was the biggest audience I've ever had. I was so stoked! The session was only audio recorded so I recommend that you check out the same session I gave in LA. You can see and hear all of the LA sessions here. My two are the intro-drupal and intro-CCK.
More training to come
I have 2 weeks off before I deliver a 3 hour Drupal program on October 13th at the Offices in Chicago. Learn more about it.
Presenting at the Chicago Drupal MeetUp Group
October 15th finds me again at the Duo Consulting office as we play host to the monthly Chicago Drupal MeetUp Group. I will be show casing a site that we at Duo are building. It's a large, feature rich site that uses Ubercart and integrates SalesForce. Once we're finished with it it will be a site to support the operations of BizyBizy, a company that seeks to offer all kinds of services for busy people. Need your dog walked, cat watched, kids sat, clothes dry cleaned, or groceries delivered? It's a very complicated site that will be fun to show off.
Tomorrow at the Indiana Drupal Users Group
Aaron Dudenhofer will be presenting a case-study of the site he built for Jillians-Indianapolis More details at our group site and our site.

By the way! Don't forget to check out the quality Drupal instructional videos available at the Lullabot Store
- Doug Vann