Who is Doug Vann


Born 1971 and raised in Indianapolis Indiana. Graduated Warren Central 1990. Married my beautiful wife in 1996. Now we have 4 children aged 17 to 21.


I got a Commodore64 in 1983 and taught myself to program in BASIC. I wrote a database app for my church in 1984 and a "what color is your parachute" app for my high school in 1986. I took Fortran and Pascal classes in high school.


In 1987 I joined the StageCrew at my high scool's theatre, the Warren Performing Arts Center. They had a $6 Million theatre that was 4 yrs old. I ran lights and sound and a/v equipment and loved it. It fed my inner-nerd just fine. In 1988 I was chosen to stage-manage the high school childrens production of Wind in the Willows It was a success and only increased my desire to keep doing it. Months later I was also managing the high school musical production of WestSide Story. I enjoyed all apsects of theatre; Opera, Ballet, touring musicals, kids productions, recitals, choirs, orchestras, ALL of it!


IN 1997 I joined the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Motion Picture Operators and Allied Crafts, Local #30. Now I'm a journeyman member. While I'm a nerdy-techy type, much of the work we do is lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, assembly, etc. Once the show is built by dozens of people, it's time for a select few to engage their brains and operate the spotlights or other staging equipment that makes the show a success. Post 9-11, nfrequent, sporadic work had me looking elsewhere which lead me back to software and eventually Drupal!


In 2007 I was working for the largest tanning bed manufacturer in the world. I answered tech support calls from private owners, salon owners, and servicers from across the nation. I complained about the intranet and website and was granted permission to buildout some fun and usefull projects in PHP and MySQL.
When the company got purchased many were shown the door. I recieved my happy news 2yrs ago from the day that this page was originally created!
I was looking for a job and I saw a puzzeling ad on CraigsList for an OpenSource Developer. I took the job and turned an ASP project into a JOOMLA project, but when JOOMLA proved inadequate I accepted a bid from a DRUPAL development firm.
Also at this time the financier of the project was sending me to Lullabot DRUPAL training sessions in Portland Oregon, LosAngeles California, Minneapolis MN, and Toronto Canada. I quickly learned how to use DRUPAL myself. When the large project we were on ended I moved on to develop websites in Drupal full time.

Working at Duo Consulting My first real gig with a Drupal shop!

On Friday July 24th 2009 I received a call from the CEO of www.DuoConsulting.com He saw some posts a few months earlier where I was asking for work and wanted to know if I was looking for PT, FT, Contract, or what.
After speaking with him, his CTO, and driving out the next day to their 15th floor office over looking Lake Michigan... I took the job.
I was developing and training in Drupal full time and loving it!
The increasing demand for my skills allowed me to move into full time freelance Drupal work a year later.


Within weeks of discovering Drupal I started a local Indiana Drupal Users Group. Somewhere along the way I became a goto guy for Drupal training. Honestly, I just love doing it. I guess it shows. My first time ever delivering a Drupal presentation in front of a group was at a Lullabot workshop in Minneapolis MN. The next month I did it again at another Lullabot workshop in Toronto Canada. Three months later I was asked to present at the Chicago DrupalCamp 2008. I wound up presenting 6 sessions and LOVED it!. In 2009 I was invited to the CMS Expo. Followed by Drupal Camps in Wisconsin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and a fun filled weekend at the Ohio Linux Fest. Later, in December, I spoke at Lullabot's Do It With Drupal event in 2009 followed by my 2nd Chicago Drupal Camp.

Doug Vann the Traveling DRUPAL TRAINER

Here are just a few notable training/consulting gigs over the years:

  • 2011 I got a call from NASA at Langley Air Force Base. They wanted me to come out and deliver Drupal Training! That wound up being 3 visits in all.
  • 2011 1wk Drupal training for Blue Cross Blue Shield in Rhode Island
  • 2012 2 days at NY Attorney General's Office
  • 2013 2wks at UC San Bernardino U.
  • 2013 - 2014 2 separate 4wk onsite engagements at Penn State U.
  • 2013 - 2016 Numerous engagements with Butler U.
  • 2014/2015 Delivered Drupal Training workshops at the famous SxSw Interactive conferences in Austin TX.
  • 2015 2 separate 2wk engagements with Temple U. in Philly.
  • 2016 3weeks in India delivering Drupal training to a large India based tech firm.
  • 2017 United Nations Women offices in NYC.
  • Many more...

To learn more roam around my blog and see where in the world Drupal has taken me lately.
Thanks for reading!

- Doug Vann - Twitter Me - LinkedIn - FaceBook