breaking the month long blog silence

It's been a whirl wind gang, so strap in and hold on tight!

In addition to doing my own amount of business with a few select partners, I have also taken a some work with a major Drupal Shop  
I left the project of when the work load wasn't enough for both Ray Stuart and me.
I was invited to join a short term build out project for That site is a rather amazing Social Network / Occupational site that is geared towards "Generation Y." I brought Aaron Dudenhofer along with me. Together we are adding a great deal of social network functionality to the site. I can't wait for the relaunch when I can finally show off the fruits of our labor!

The Indiana Drupal Users Group is going strong. We have another meeting tonight details at
Last month's Indy Drupal HackFest was a blast; the biggest ever! 20 of us got out Drupal on!

So far 2009 is well on track for beating 2008 in blessings, fun, profit, and experience.

Now if only I could spend some much needed time on my personal blog site! :-)
Doug Vann


How do I get a hold of you?
I checked the contacts page on your site but I'm not sure which is you..

Let me know!
- DV