Catching up with Doug Vann: NINE quick bullets

I have started twice to post a new blog and found myself distracted by mounting tasks. Here's a quick update on everything I can think of.

  1. In 5 days my wife and I will celebrate our 13th anniversary!!!! What do we have to show for it? 4 children! Here's a photo of BEAUTY and the beast!
  2. My son broke his elbow playing dodge ball at church. He's doing pretty good. He has a cool camouflage cast and get this... The Doctor says that the cast is water proof and that it needs to be cleaned daily. Tyler has to take a shower every day and get the cast thoroughly washed out. The cast is on day 3 of 21. See his blog about it here:
  3. My new job is not so new any more. I have been working at Slingshot SEO inc. since January 19th. I have worked on their custom PHP/MySQL CMS as well as finishing up their 1st Drupal development project. The 3 guys that run the company are some ultra hip cats who get it. They deliver high valued SEO services to clients gaining them a high level of respect from the business community. I'm blown away at the quantity and quality of referrals that continue to come in. It's oh so good working for a debt free company that is doing things right.
  4. I applied for [and failed to gain] membership to the Drupal Association. See my comment about it on
  5. Next Thursday I am joining a friend of mine, Elvis McNeely, to start a local Drupal Users Group on the campus of Purdue University. See the discussion here.
  6. In mid April we will have some serious Drupal developers in town as they speak at the Museums and the Web Conference. We will have some of them joining us at a special meeting of the local Drupal Users Group
  7. In 10 days I leave for Washington DC for 6 days. This is the BIG HOORAH for the Drupal Community. Project Founder Dries Buytaert will speak as will many of the most important contributors to the project.
  8. President Obama unveiled a new website that is intended to bring a level of transparency to the government spending frenzy going on right now. That site was developed in.......... Wait for it.............. You guessed it!!!!!!!!!! DRUPAL!!!!
  9. I have been invited to speak at the CMS Expo in Chicago April 29th - May 1st. Once again I will be out of town for a family birthday: MINE! :-)