Day one of Drupal Camp WI

Day one of DrupalCamp Wisconsin is over.
I've met some cool people. Some I knew from twitter, others I knew from
The more I present the more I want to do it again. I love it when ppl have the AHA moment and things start clicking.
I particularly enjoy getting people up to speed so that when they hit the crazier sessions, they can get more out of them. I remember sitting through API and CCK and Views when I wasn't quite sure what a node was. I'm glad I hap people around to educate me. Now I can't wait to give back any chance I get.
If you're reading this and you are organizing an event where Drupal presentations are needed, please contact me
I got in touch with three DrupalCamps for June. One was anxious to have some one dedicated to beginner sessions. With their help I was able to make it out.
I'm not breaking even, but I appreciate saving where I can.
Seriously... I'm available. :-)

Now I'm off to dinner.
- Doug Vann