Drupal Booth at the Indy Business & Arts Networking Get together.

The event was 7 days ago, but I finally got the pictures off of my camera.
btw... that gallery was built using Acquia-Drupal and the image-gallery that accompanies it. I LOVE IT. Every picture is a node and thus can have 5star voting, comments, etc.
The 5th annual IndyBANG.org was an awesome time for Aaron and me. We were rather surprised at the number of people walking up to us and inquiring about Drupal. We made some great contacts and there may be one good sized job come out of it.
A big THANK YOU to Josh Brauer of www.brauerranch.com for supporting the group and our booth. Now we have a 3ft by 5ft Drupal banner that we can use anywhere.
One of the highlights of the event was the elevator-pitch contest sponsored by www.indianabusinessnetwork.com and judged by members of www.problogservice.com
It was a gas watching ppl take 60 seconds to sell the gist of their business to a potential buyer. If I hadn't been so chicken, I would have tried it as well.
Enjoy the pictures, and if you ever need to barrow the banner .... ;-)
 - Doug