Drupal HackFest today AND Looking for work

--1st the Drupal part then below is the personal part!---
In 3 hours I will arrive at the offices of www.problogservice.com at 5348 N. Tacoma, Indianapolis where we will have our 3rd Indy Drupal HackFest. Over 20 of us will get together from across Indiana and the Ohio cities of Cincinnati and Columbus. The purpose will be to spend 4 hours just feeding off of each other. In the past it has been mostly Drupal, But Linux, SVN, computer fixing, OS repair, etc. occurs as well. This will be awesome!
----------------------------Changing Topics-----------------------
I found myself unemployed this week.
I was doing Drupal development for Slingshot SEO inc where I saw the completion of their first two Drupal launches. www.overtonind.com and www.genesisplasticswelding.com
The sites are very nice Brochure-Sites and the clients are happy. Slingshot decided to move away from client-site development and focus more on SEO and internal projects. A full time Drupaler was no longer needed. The departure was sweet and I strongly encourage PHP programmers [not married to a CMS] to be on the look out for when Slingshot hires again! I continue to serve my own clients and I've picked up another one wile courting many more. I even have a tentative opportunity to join a well known MidWest Drupal shop. More on that if it comes together! PLUG PLUG PLUG So... If you are in need of Web Development, training, or any of the geeky things I do... Contact Me!