Flying Out To Present At DrupalCamp LA

I am going to Drupal Camp Los Angeles 2009 this August 8-9th Thanks to the generous sponsorship of I fly out next Friday for one of the biggest [if not THE biggest] North American DrupalCamps. Visit the site and see what all the excitement is about. I have proposed 2 sessions: "CCK Demystified" and "Intro to Drupal." I have always believed that many people come to these Drupal events not knowing the basics. They sit and listen to PHDs, module developers, and huge business owners, but they don't have the base knowledge needed to truly benefit from the experience. I hope to change that! ;-) If you're going to be there PLZ leave a comment here on my blog By the way... was the absolute lowest cost flight. The lay overs are a tad ugly but hey... I can write my Drupal book while I wait!


Hi Doug,

You were awesome! Thanks for presenting at drupalcampla, helping so much, and being enjoyable company. Very glad to have gotten to know you.

And I'm sorry that our presentations always seemed to conflict :) Perhaps next year we can make it more of a concerted "track" and get our sessions working together instead of competing.

Looking forward to the next one!


Couldn't agree more...
A Beginners track is totally in order. If ppl knew that a Beginners Track was available we would see unprecedented attendance at the camp. It's already a huge camp, but just imagine if people KNEW for a fact that they could show up knowing nothing and leave with the ability to make pages, content types, views, blocks, etc... We'd need a very large room for this.
I believe there's a huge need for this and I'm committed to meeting that need where ever I can get to.
Next.. DrupalCamp Atlanta! Well. I guess Drupalcon Paris is really next... :-)

Pleasure to meet you Rain! See you next time.