Leaving DrupalCamp Los Angeles

You can see my head popping out of the crowd [upper left] in the group photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rainbreaw/3808206760/ Screecasts of the sessions are at http://replay.nacs.uci.edu/public/?C=M;O=D Over 400 ppl showed up for Drupal Camp Los Angeles 2009. We enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL campus of the University of California at Irvine. Some of the facilities that we used are less than 30 days old. Indeed, much of the campus is quite young. We were a bit spread out, but walking a beautiful campus in gorgeous LA weather is never a bad thing. Most sessions were recorded via a Camtasia-Relay system whereby each room had a PC at the lectern OR a lite download on your own laptop. The screen casts contained the audio recorded by the lectern mic OR the laptop mic. It went rather well. See the screencasts at http://replay.nacs.uci.edu/public/?C=M;O=D I presented 2 sessions on Saturday Intro to Drupal AND CCK Demystified. On Sunday I did the same two again. I had large attendance numbers at these beginner sessions. That proves that the need exists for sessions that start ppl off at the beginning. I polled each audience before I started and MOST people knew very very little about Drupal. Some have NEVER gotten past the default front page. I am SO glad that I was able to take these people and release their parking brake and get them into gear. :-) Thank you to www.DuoConsulting.com for assisting me in getting out here. Thank you to www.MediaDoneRight.com [Mike Stewart] for being my personal driver and for sharing his hotel with me. Thank you to Chris Charlton [one chill guy] http://chrischarlton.us/ for organizing the event along with Mike Stewart; both who worked hard to help get me out here. Thank you to Mike O'Connor of http://www.commerceguys.com/ and Eric for some KILLER THAI FOOD Friday night! Thank you to all the volunteers, presenters, old friends, and new friends that I made. Thank you to Ben Finklea of http://www.volacci.com/ben-finklea for good times and good conversation. It was a blast and I can't imagine ever missing one in the future.


Can't wait to see your Zero to Drupal presentation at the Ohio Linux Fest, I think it's very much needed for people to get a good leaping start on the Drupal learning curve.

P.S. The Drupal Song video.... wow, I had no idea. :-)