My name was not Doug Vann

What is in a name?
This is just a quick note to catch many of you up on a FUN FACT that still many of you don't know!
On a hot Saturday on the 1st of May in 1971, a boy was born. They named me after my father. 

They named me:
Douglas Harold VanBumble jr

My father played organ and piano at many central Indiana bars and also for the Indianapolis Indians baseball team. On one occasion, a venue's marquee didn't have enough room for my dad's full name. So they dropped the Bumble. "Doug Van" was all it said. Some one said it looked silly. So the guy added another "N!"
My dad saw this and loved it! He used both names for many years but many only knew him as DougVann!

As for me? Well... Given the choice of the two.... I chose the shorter one! I was forever being called "Dan Humble" or "Dan Vrumble" or some strange concoction! The "Doug Van" portion would become "Dan" then they would proceed to butcher the "Bumble" portion. I had it legally changed in 2005. I was married and had 4 children. We named The children VANN on their birth certificates, but their parents were still Mr. and Mrs. Van Bumble! This actually caused some paper work issues on occasion. 

The Double-Bumble-Ectomy!
In 2005 we paid the legal fees to have the Bumble extracted from our names and replaced with an additional "N." Of course, they SCREWED THAT UP and forgot the 2nd "N." so they processed it again.

Now you know the REST OF THE STORY!!