Please Vote for my DrupalCon San Francisco sessions

At the time of this post, voting closes in about 60 hours!
Doug Vann and Brandon Morrison have submitted a total of 6 sesions for this years DrupalCon.

Please visit the links and vote for:

Doug Vann has four proposals:
This years DrupalCon is featuring a much needed Beginner Track. Learn the basics, the terminology, and build a quick and easy Blog Site by attending: Beginning Drupal  
After that it's a natural progression to learn what you need to know about CCK in: CCK Demystified
Keep the progress flowing with a DOUBLE DOSE of VIEWS. Doug Vann is teaming up with Rain Breaw to deliverViews Demystified ONE and Views Demystified TWO 
Taking a breathe from the beginner track, you can jump in the deep end and spend some time getting familiar with the Linux Command Line! Get off of FTP and your web hosts chintzy control panel and do things quicker and more easily by attending: Linux Commands for Drupalers

Brandon Morrison will be presenting two
Flash developers wanting to bring their skills to Drupal can attend: Tips and Tricks to Incorporate Flash with Drupal
Developers wanting to add value to their projects by giving their clients a better UI should attend: Painting Legos - Creating Project Specific UI's on Top of Prebuilt Modules That Won't Make Your Clients Scream

You can catch Sonny Cohen at our table in the exhibition hall and get one of our swanky DuoConsulting stickers!
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