Review of "Cracking Drupal ~ A Drop in the Bucket" by WILEY Publishing about #drupal Security

Whoa! This book does not seek to alarm you as much as it seeks to inform you. The problem is not that Drupal is not secure. What author Greggory Knaddison shows is that its up to the admin to make sure that all of the security features are used properly to ensure a secure site. By showing what hackers might do the reader is informed on how to make sure that those attacks would not cause damage to their sites. In a word, this book is PRACTICAL. And for a second word I would add ESSENTIAL. This book is causing a lot of conversation in the Drupal community. We're all glad that it has become an easy to read, one-stop-shop to get the facts on security. Author, Greggory Knaddison is also known as greggles in Drupal IRC and on and