Starting a Drupal users Group at Purdue University, or in Your Area

Yesterday I received a request from a Drupal user who wanted me to help him start a Drupal Users Group on the campus of Purdue University.
You Betcha!
I jumped right on it. 11 months ago I brought the Indianapolis group together for their 1st ever meeting. Let me just say that the 2 of us had a good time. The second meeting was completely different. Well... It was still just two of us but it was a different person and me.
Skip ahead and now we have bi-weekly meetings where hungry people get a steady diet of the Drupal goodness.
If you don't have group in your area then I suggest you start one.
Post an announcement on Craigslist, on the tack-board at Borders, Barned&Noble, and small coffee houses. Sometimes there's a free place on news papers to announce your event. Even if you're not a Drupal Ninja you can still get people together and let the agenda just evolve.
It's not all that hard to get a sponsor either. I am lucky to have two, but I'll bet you can find one. I use the dough to buy books for attendees. One book for a new person and one for a regular.
The free pizza is VERY enticing as well.
But Hey! Even without book-giveaways, free food, etc... You can get the ball rolling nicely if you just spread the word.
Good Luck!
- DV