Why You Need To Take Advantage Of The Lullabot Drupal Fundamentals Online Workshop

Are you ready for some incredible training that takes 12hrs across 6 weeks, and when it's done, you get to keep the audio/video files of it all? Oh yah.... You get to do this ALL from your home or office! No Traveling! :-)

http://www.lullabot.com/workshop/drupal-fundamentals-online-workshop/onl... I'm going to continue on with my series of blogs whereby I spotlight some incredible resources to turn you into a Drupal Ninja! My previous blog post expounded the usefulness and high value that can be found in the Lullabot DVD SeriesThere is, however, another Lullabot resource that bares some timely mention. [and NO, I'm still not on their payroll. I'm just a beneficiary of nearly 200hrs of their in person training]

Why the Lullabot Drupal Fundamentals Online Workshop is right for you.

  • If you lack the fundamentals of what Drupal is then the advanced content, at events or in books, is going to be hit & miss for you.
  • If you're coming from another CMS or NO CMS, you need to wrap your head around Drupal in a carefully designed and methodical way.
  • If you want real-time interaction with the instructor and the opportunity to ask questions.
  • If you want training in a group experience that you can preserve in movie format on your HDD.
  • If your office wants to make an investment in which multiple people can benefit and no one leaves the building
  • If you can't make it to DrupalCon Paris or the Toronto Lulabot Workshop.
  • If you are extremely serious about overcoming the learning curve of Drupal

Visit the site: http://www.lullabot.com/workshop/drupal-fundamentals-online-workshop/onl... And follow Lullabot at http://twitter.com/lullabot I can tell you, these cats know their Drupal and more importantly they know how to teach it. I know, because it's where I started and continue to return to again and again for more answers and tutorials. Next post will combine the Toronto Lulabot Workshop. October 5-9 and the Do It With Drupal 3 day Drupal Extravaganza in New Orleans Dec 9-11. Last years D.I.W.D. was a SMASHING success. I knew they'd do it again! More later on these 2 huge events!