Working Full Time for DuoConsulting

Alrighty folks...
It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with Doug Vann. Your best efforts are inadequate for the task. I blog. I tweet. I share at our local events as well as abroad.... But you still never know exactly what ol' Doug is up to, for the most part...
Here's the skinny:

Today I start my 1st day with Chicago based Duo Consulting!
Duo Consulting is a 10 yr old well established, highly successful Web Development Company of about 35 employees. The company was started in Chicago and remains there still. The 15th floor of the 20 W Kinzie building, downtown, is home to DUO as well as GOOGLE. The developers look out their windows to see the river pouring out into Lake Michigan.
Business mogul and DUO CEO, Michael Silverman, contacted me last Friday via the Contact Form on which he visited after seeing me post on the Chicago Drupal MeetUp Group board on Michael encouraged me to call him to discuss some opportunities. I called. We spoke. His CTO Fred called me as well, and we spoke. I talk to Michael again. I talked to Fred again; all on Friday!
Next thing I know, within 24 hours of receiving Michael's initial email, my wife and I are driving to Chicago on a Saturday to meet with Michael. Michelle and I got the tour of the 15th floor and sat down to talk business.
Fast Forward -------->-------->------>---->-->
I'm on board!
Duo Consulting already launched 4 Drupal sites, are working on 3 and have more in the wings. I will be aiding the build out of those sites as well as providing commercial training for the public AND in-house training.
You may see myself or another DUO representative at a MeetUp, or DrupalCamp event presenting sessions and spreading the word about Duo Consulting.

It's exciting to be working for such a large and successful company. It's an honor to be tapped to assist them in fulfilling their Drupal development expansion and training goals. I'll be making frequent 2day visits to the office, every other week initially, and that's fine with me! I used to live in UpTown Chicago. I'll get along just fine!

OK. Back 2 work...

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