Seriously folks! use the 10% coupon code of DOITWITHDOUGVANN and check this gig out!
I keep reading and rereading the list of speakers at the 1st ever www.DoItWithDrupal.com seminar. Dec. 10-12 in New Orleans.
This event is so much more than a Drupal, the whole Drupal, and nothing but the Drupal.
While there, I am going to hear people from major players on the internet like www.Lockergnome.com , www.flickr.com , www.mozilla.com , and www.getsatisfaction.com
If all I wanted to do was learn about cool Drupal modules, I'd stay home with my books, or read blogs and articles, or watch or listen to podcasts, or even hang out in the various Drupal chat rooms at drupalchat.net
I am going to DoItWithDrupal because the Lullabot team have assembled a star studded posse of heavy players that have a lot of experience and therefore a lot to say. I want to understand what other people are doing with the web. What kinds of Drupal sites they are building and how. I want to understand where the demographic shifts are taking place and what clients and potential clients will be expecting from their websites in the future. Then, I want to know how to deliver it.
I want to hear, from the module developers, exactly how to maximize my usage of the tools they developed for me. I want to spend time with the heavy players and ask my own questions beyond what they chose to place in their slide presentation.
I will do this again in March at Drupalcon in DC. But these 2 events serve ENTIRELY different purposes. Neither is a replacement for the other.
If you haven't made plans to get there, then I suggest that you do! I'm riding this wave of Drupal growth. The drupalcamps, workshops, meetups, and seminars are vital to my plans for world domination; or at least my plans to pay the bills.
This seminar is one very wise investment into my future.