9 days left to nominate your site for the BlueDrop Awards!

Announcing the 2013 Blue Drop Awards!

It's that time of year again... Time for the Drupal Community to recognize and celebrate their own accompishments. This is not an award by a Book Publisher, or Magazine, or Podcast.
The Blue Drop Awards are FOR The Community, BY The Community! 

Blue Drop Awards by the Numbers:

1 Awards Ceremony at DrupalCon Portland! [The Drupal Association is offering space for our Awards Ceremnoy March 22nd]
$10 submission fee. [This year we're upping the ante from $0 to $10]
24 Categories [20 web-based & 4 for Modules, Themes, Books, Events] See The List
9 days left for nominations at this point in time. [Nominations close on March 15th.] Submit Your Nomination!
20 Sponsors who know the value of Community Driven Awards. Become a Sponsor!
20 more questions answered in the FAQ. Read Here

I'm looking very forward to this year's competition. We had a blast last year and learned a lot about the process of engaging the commmunity for a new idea such as this. This year we've made some changes and the feedback has been tremendous. Thanks to the awesome community, the sponsors, and the Drupal Association, we are sure to have even more success this time around!

What are you waiting for? GO NOMINATE! ;-)