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Delivering Training On Drupal 8 Site Building And Pantheon Workflow At TexasCamp2016

Drupal Training with doug vannIt's 2016 and pretending like Drupal 8 doesn't exist is not an option. Which is why you will find me in Dallas this weekend spreading the love for Drupal 8! Almost 5 months out from its November 2015 launch it is gaining more traction and visibility at Drupal events.

5 Things I Have Learned From Delivering Drupal Training [updated]

I have so many amazing adventures as I travel around delivering Drupal Training to Universities, Corporations, Governments, etc. I've always wanted to blog about how it is such a learning opportunity for me. It is an enriching experience to sit in front of a new class and start down the road of transferring knowledge. I hope you enjoy this 1st pass at some of my experiences!

I’m Not going to DrupalCon 2015 in Los Angeles

Given the date I’m publishing this, April 2nd, you can rest assured that this is not an April Fools Joke.

I’ve attended 7 North American DrupalCons, and 50 DrupalCamps, a plethora of LinuxFests, etc. But I’m skipping DrupalCon Los Angeles. This year alone I’ve presented at Drupal User groups in Philly and Austin, a 4hr Drupal 8 workshop at SxSw, at NJ camp, MidCamp, and 2 weeks at Temple University.

SxSw 2015 AND My 50th Drupalcamp, the good the bad & the ugly

Warning: mildly graphic medical descriptions referenced below...

The Good:

7 years and 6 months in the making, I very much anticipated my 50th Drupalcamp. As seems to happen at least one time each year, I flew straight from one event to another. I had my 2nd speaking gig at SxSw in Austin then flew directly to Chicago for MADcamp. I love the new name: Midwest Area Drupal Camp!


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