Be a Part of the Drupal Marketing Collateral Wiki Page

Do you know where to go to find the BEST resources you need to help promote Drupal as the best solution to your prospects, clients, employer, stakeholders, etc??

No? Me either. ;-) But, together, we're going to fix that in a collaborative way, which means YOU can help!

We're inviting the Drupal Community to visit the "Marketing Collateral Wiki Page."

Here, you will see an excellent beginning to a project that needs your help; a collection of Info-graphics, whitepapers, lists, videos, fliers, posters, other media, logos, press releases, reports, news pieces, … If you got'em, we want'em! This list grows when you share with us what you have created, what you found, or what you like.

What's the point?

Easy… No matter what your role is in the Drupal Community, we're all selling it. No matter what it is you do that brings home the paycheck, we're all showing the world how awesome Drupal is by choosing to use it and contribute to it. As such, we're calling upon our friends [the developers, the themers, the designers, the freelancers, the shop owners, etc] to join us in this most worthy effort. 

As this list grows we're going to see it used more and more. How many people are out there trying to talk their boss or CTO into using Drupal? How many decision makers are tired of the "hype" of OpenSource and would respond MUCH better to some statistics on ROI or a cost benefit analysis of proprietary vs OSS? These collaterals will grow legs and walk, beckoning the next wave of Drupal adopters. 

If you're any where near the front lines of promoting Drupal, then you know that there are some PRETTY HUGE MISCONCEPTIONS out there. Help us handle objections, wave the banner, and move the sales process along with quality resources that deliver the message that we already know to be true. 

Go, now, to and look over the list. THANK YOU to those who have jumped in already to add some truly helpful resources. I look forward to seeing what YOU can add to the list!

Thank you,

The Drupal Branding And Marketing Team.