CMS Expo May 14-16 2013 and Why it is for you!

It is less than 60 days until the 7th annual CMS Expo [CMSX] where hundreds will convene in Evanston IL, just North of Chicago, for 60+ session of awesomeness, serious networking, and other events across 3 days. Over a dozen CMSs will strut their stuff while experts in areas like Marketing, Content, Mobile, Social, eCommerce, and more will espouse great and practical wisdom. [See the whole SCHEDULE
Yes, ALL that and more will be going on, but will you be there? I’ve been to four of these and spoken at three. I’m always amazed at the diversity of people that CMSX attracts. Be they attendee, speaker, sponsor, or exhibitor, you’re going to find quite the variety of people. Nonprofits, enterprise, government, higher-ed and more come to CMSX to gain powerful knowledge that will be used in their daily operations.

This year, Drupal will be well represented as will so many other CMSs. Drupalers you will find this year include: Emma Jane Hogbin, Jeff Eaton, Kelly Tetterton, Kieran Lal, George Demet, Sonny Cohen, and Matthew Lechleider.

Why does CMSX keep getting bigger and bigger? Why do people come back again and again? I can’t possibly cover all the reasons, but I hope the following list helps you make the decision that CMSX 2013 is for you!

  1. If you’re an organization or business who needs to make a CMS decision:
    --Enjoy the presence of so many CMSs, all eager to show you how they can manage your content.
    --Speak with vendors who could actually help you get there! 
  2. If you need to truly leverage your current CMS and get the most out of it:
    --Enjoy the experts on Social Media, Mobile Strategies, eCommerce, Marketing, Blogging, etc.
    --Listen to and interact with people who have the expereince and answers to your questions! 
  3. If you’re a business or contractor looking for leads:
    --Enjoy the mixers, after hours events, and loads of networking that occur.
    --John and Linda [the power behind CMSX] are all about making & fostering connections.
    --Come with business cards and leave with relationships! 
  4. If you’re trying to navigate the modern web and find yourself all tangled up:
    --Don’t be afraid. The web is bigger today than anyone thought it would come to. There are many rabbit holes to fall into and get lost in.
    --CMSX brings in the very best of the best to deliver a Jargon-Free experience that empowers the audience without burying them in acronyms and GeekSpeak!
    --And by the way... The potency of the speakers is much greater because they use understandable language!
  5. If you’re looking to forge new partnerships or new ventures:
    --Come hang with the innovators, pioneers, and captains of industry at CMSX.
    --Stretch your mind around the new cyber-economy while rubbing elbows with the leaders of today.
  6. If you’re looking for work:
    --Bring your skills and your resume and boldly approach those who need your services.
    --Consequently, while you’re here, you will be gaining highly sought after and very marketable skills!
  7. If you’re a non-cave-dwelling humanoid with a pulse and a computer:
    --Seriously... The CMSX is an eye opening, engaging event that can facilitate your professional development and add value to organizations that leverage you. 

Now That you have made up your mind... Register here! --->