Delivering Training On Drupal 8 Site Building And Pantheon Workflow At TexasCamp2016

Drupal Training with doug vannIt's 2016 and pretending like Drupal 8 doesn't exist is not an option. Which is why you will find me in Dallas this weekend spreading the love for Drupal 8! Almost 5 months out from its November 2015 launch it is gaining more traction and visibility at Drupal events.

I am still seeing many many many sites starting in Drupal 7 these days, but when I had the opportunity to provide a day of training at the inaugural TexasCamp, I knew what I had to do. I knew that many ppl would be showing up wanting to understand Site Building in the new world of Drupal 8. I also knew that the biggest game changer in D8 [IMO] is Configuration management. Therefore I HAD to cover that aspect of Drupal 8 and I had to do so WITHIN THE CONTEXT of Site Building.

This is not as far a departure from previous Drupal 7 trainings I have performed in dozens of camps, user groups, LinuxFests, and private clients. Where possible, I have always tried to bring in at least some element of DevOps into the training. With Drupal 8, there simply is no avoiding the topics of DevOps, multi-stage development, or call it what you will.

A Perfect pairing of Drupal 8 and Pantheon! I have always advocated that anyone testing Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 should whip up a quick, free, and easy Pantheon sandbox. For many years I have led many classrooms full of fresh minds through the process of building their first Drupal site on the Pantheon platform. Even though many attendees are beginners, they often come from companies who either have already invested a great deal into Drupal, or soon will. This is thanks largely to the "Ownership Society" that Drupal promotes. It will be exciting to see the response from my 1st full day of Drupal 8 training!