DuoConsulting Brings Drupal to Wheaton IL

Last night I had the pleasure of addressing over 2 dozen people who knew nothing about Drupal. OK. 2 of them knew a little, but by and large this crowd was getting their first look at Drupal. The Uniforum-Chicago audience was already in the right mindset since their very purpose is to advance Open System technologies. Many great questions were raised; showing me that people were very interested in how Drupal works, what it does, and what they might want to do with it. Since I had two hours, I really took my time and waxed poetic about Drupal as a community as well as Drupal as a Web Application. I've NEVER had that much time to just lay it all down and get into details. I loved the questions that came at me. Some of them derailed the topic of the moment, but that was fine. It satisfied the shared curiosities of others in the room. It was only at the end that I removed the curtain to show the backend of Drupal's awesomeness. The 5 minutes I spent on the VIEWS User Interface did blow some minds, but those of us who know Drupal know that getting your mind blown will happen regularly as you dig in!