Growing Drupal Via DrupalCamps

If you follow me at all you know that I am a DrupalCamp Junkie. Right now I'm attending DrupalCamp Los Angeles. It's my 8th camp this year which average to one camp a month!


 My philosophy has always been that Drupal is a COMMUNITY 1st and a web application 2nd. It is best to measure Drupal's growth not by the number of sites that run Drupal or even the high visibility for the clients using Drupal, but by the number of people invovled with it. Drupal continues to grow and some of that is obvious. We see this with the frequent announcements of the newest often famous new Drupal sites being launched. What may be less visible is the tremendous growth of DrupaCamps and similar events from coast to coast.

As mentioned I'm in Los Angeles today. A few weeks ago I was in Madison WI for my 2nd year with their camp. In 3 weeks I'll be in Dallas for their camp which coincides with OpenCamp as well. 2 weeks after that I'm at the inaugural DrupalCamp Asheville in North Carolina. Earlier in the year I presented at Camps in Orlando, Nashville, South Carolina. and Colorado.


Ways you can take advantage of DrupalCamps:

  • Attend
  • Organize
  • Volunteer
  • Watch the videos
  • Promote
  • See you at a camp near you!


Thanks for doing the presentations at DCLA!
(and the book as well)


hkb (at)

Great stuff, new to Drupal, and it looks very promising:)