I’m Not going to DrupalCon 2015 in Los Angeles

Given the date I’m publishing this, April 2nd, you can rest assured that this is not an April Fools Joke.

I’ve attended 7 North American DrupalCons, and 50 DrupalCamps, a plethora of LinuxFests, etc. But I’m skipping DrupalCon Los Angeles. This year alone I’ve presented at Drupal User groups in Philly and Austin, a 4hr Drupal 8 workshop at SxSw, at NJ camp, MidCamp, and 2 weeks at Temple University. In the next 60 days I have gigs in Philly, DC, and Vegas. There are some other speaking/traveling engagements that I haven’t mentioned.

My point…

I’m worn out!
Between scheduled onsite training gigs, potential training gigs, a family trip, etc, I had to take something out. Oh yah! I’m also in the middle of purchasing my 1st house! So, we have moving to do. There are some DrupalCamps coming up that I know I really want to attend.

And Another Thing…
With so many “regional camps” available now, I get my Drupal Community fix quite nicely at BADCamp, MidCamp, and NYCCamp. 

I can’t do it all! :-( [NOTE: DrupalNorth in Toronto is looking to be AWESOME! I may have to add that to my list!]

What I’ll miss most by missing DrupalCon 2015 in L.A. :

* Hanging out in the exhibit hall and the hallways seeing old friends and making new ones
* The many social events including sponsor parties and group meals
* Getting to meet new people and find out what they do with Drupal and why they came [Might just be my FAV]
* I have been known to catch the occasional session, but I WILL miss seeing the DriesNote LIVE :-(
* And of course… I’ll be glued to my Mac watching the PreNote to see what outrageous hilarity ensues with jam, Robert Douglass, and company!

Dear dear friends... I will miss you all! I'll watch the tweets and pics as I live vicariously through social media! :-)