Step by Step instructions on setting up a WebEnabled Sandbox 30day free trial

When ever I'm teaching a Drupal session at a DrupalCamp, LinuxFest, Local MeetUp or wherever, I find myself explaining to people how to set up their 30day free trial on WebEnabled. 

Here are step by step instructions to get it done. No credit card is required to start the 30day free trial.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the SIGNUP button OR graphic from the front page.
  3. Four purchase plans are listed. Look below those plans for text that starts off with, "Our Trial Plan includes 2 dev..."
  4. Select the Trial Plan link.
  5. Fill in the usual information and take note of the section that reads "Create your WebEnabled site address" as this will become part of your URL for accessing the development environment.
  6. After submitting the previous form you are taken to what resembles the front page. The sign-up link has been replaced with the "My Dashboard" link. Select that link.
  7. The list of Latest Activity is empty because this account in new. Select the button labeled "Start new site."
  8. You are presented with a handful of popular apps that can be easily installed. If you want to see more of the Drupal apps then look to the right and select the "Target Platform" link. From their Choose "Drupal" and see the wealth of apps available for install.
  9. For our class we will be using a fresh install of Acquia Drupal. I choose them because it is Drupal Core PLUS so many of the more commonly used Contributed Modules. Select the Acquia option for "Install this application"
  10. On this screen we need to give a name to the SITE and create your first FOLDER into which the site will be placed. Fill out these fields. and submit.
  11. More fields to fill out:
    1. NAME: In WebEnabled you can have multiple instances in one SITE such as a Dev environment and a VPS-Production environment. Choose a unique name here.
    2. Server: The only option available here is the WebEnabled Development Shared Hosting option.
    3. Shell username: This SIX digit limit value will be pre-pended with "w_" to become the Shell username.
    4. App admin password: Once the application [Acquia Drupal or Wordpress, or CiviCRM, etc] is created you will be given a subdomain URL to access the site. The login info will be username = admin and password = whatever value you place here.
    5. Hit next step.
  12. The resulting page indicates that you have successfully entered all needed data and that in short order your application will be available. I recommend refreshing the screen in about one minute or less.
  13. The 1st screen of your new application contains all the access credentials for the Database, SSH, and the admin access as well. Select each HIDDEN link and reveal the password behind it. Then either print the page to a PDF or paper, or copy and paste the info into a save document somewhere that you can access it later. If you do ever forget any credentials you can reset them through the WebEnabled Dashboard.
  14. Follow the provided link to your new application and log in using the password that you previously established. ENJOY!

There are a tremendous amount of valuable development features available here. Throughout the WebEnabled site there are help links often containing videos recorded by one of WebEnabled's staff. Doug also has a growing volume of videos showing off WebEnabled features. For further instruction, check out his YouTube Channel, which contains exclusively technical instructional videos.