ANNOUNCEMENT: I am now working at Exact Target!

Where in the course of DRUPAL events it becomes necessary for one Drupalista to dissolve the loose-fitting bonds of freelance and business ownership and to assume among the powers of the internet, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of blog post commenters requires that I should declare the causes which compel me to this separation.

Why would a C# or .NET or JAVA or any other programmer want to start providing Drupal Based Solutions?

This blog post is sparked by the conversation, going on right now, over my interview with OpenSource.com
See the post and lively comments here: http://opensource.com/business/12/10/whats-holding-back-mainstream-drupal-adoption 

A recruiter asks "What exactly does a Drupal Developer do?"

Over on the "Drupal Developers" group at LinkedIn, a recruiter asked the timeless question, "What exactly does a Drupal Developer do?"

YES! I was SO excited that I dashed of this mini [or NOT so mini] essay as a response. BUT it wouldn't fit in LinkedIn's character limitations so I'm creating a blog post about it instead. :-)

2012 Blue Drop Awards Winners Announced

It started as a good idea,
Then it picked up momentum.
Companies and individuals donated time and money. Nominations came in followed by the votes.
And there it was;
We didn't know what to expect. Would any one nominate sites? Would anyone vote? Will the DA support it? Will the community support it? Will anybody really care?


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