What I hope to accomplish at Drupalcon 2009 in DC

in 48 hours I will be landing in Washington DC to attend DRUPALCON

But why? The reasons for going are numerous. Here's a list:

  • The training will be invaluable! This year there are more concurrent sessions than there were when I attended last year. That makes it harder to decide which session to attend, BUT it also means greater variety. It is important to note that not every session will be 100% Drupal related. Client relations, project management, social media, server administration, development tools, and other broader categories will be covered in some sessions.
  • Hanging with the gang! I can't wait to see some old friends. Some I have not seen since I met them a year ago at least years DrupalCon in Boston, although I have likely had much voice, chat, or email contact with them since. Many of my friends are from the 4 Lullabot workshops I attended last year. 1,300 ppl are attending this year. I have about 10% that I am really hoping to hang out with... Wish me luck!
  • FREE STUFF You never know what you're going to find being given away at DrupalCon. Last year I got a cool back scratcher that is still in use today. I also got a cool Snoopy doll which made my son Tyler, a huge Snoopy fan, very happy! This year I know that the welcome bag will have a Drupal 6 Development Pocket Book Compliments of PingVision
  • Washington DC is Beautiful I haven't been to DC since I was on an 8th Grade field trip in 1985. I have pretty strong memories of having been there. I'm anxious to get out and see it again.
  • Discussions I will be hanging out with some seriously successful people most of which make a living off of Web development and related services. I am blessed to be enjoying my 17th consecutive month of full time Web Developer. Personally, I like to call myself a Web Technologist. I believe that title encompasses a broader array of Web Related Services. Regardless of what I call myself, I want to learn from the stories that others will be telling about their experiences in making a living with Drupal.
  • Make New Friends Its unavoidable. I will meet people and we will exchange emails, phone numbers, and usernames for various social network sites. I have already made money by maintaining these relationships through largely digital means. There's no telling who I will meet and/or what needs they may have. I'll be passing out plenty of cards!

If you made it this far into the post AND if you will be in DC, go ahead and reply and simply say hi. Maybe we'll run into eachother... See you there!


Hi Doug,
Found your post while watching for the #drupalcon hashtag on Twitter.
Congrats on your 17th month as a full-time web developer. I'm shooting for part time, but we'll see what the future holds.
I'll say "Hey" if I see you in a few days.