Join me on 9/14 for the Global Drupal Training Day!

I will be participating in the 9/14 Global Drupal Training Day! 
If you would like a 4 hour ONLINE INTRO to Drupal then you have TWO options!
Drupal Training by doug vann  a] Friday the 14th  A FEW SLOTS LEFT ON THIS DAY
       from 8am to Noon EASTERN time 
      Register : *$10
  b] Friday the 14th  THIS CLASS IS NOW FULL
       from 1pm to 5pm EASTERN time
      Register : *$10

*I'm charging a whopping $10 so that I can weed out the ppl who would sign up for a free slot then not show up. ;-)

I am limmiting the class to FIVE people per class. I really want to make this personal and spend some QUALITY time with the attendees. Once the TEN people have registered we're closing the registration 

Drupal Global Training Days is an initiative set forth earlier this year to introduce new and beginning users to Drupal. The Drupal Association is partnering with training companies around the world to make the next Drupal Global Training Day on September 14, 2012 a success. 

Questions about this class, Drupal in general, or Doug Vann? Contact Me!

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