Tales from Drupal Camp San Diego aka SANDcamp

2012 is off to a great start with my 1st DrupalCamp trip taking me to SANDCamp. I was especially excited about this trip as I have never been to San Diego before. The weather was awesome and the camp was great. Below is a break down of what transpired.
Pictured: Jacob Redding and Susan Rust at the after party on the Ivy Rooftop at Andaz.


Day 1 : Distrubution Summit hosted by Acquia
Loads of fun here! Some of the takeaways include:
> Open Enterprise (LevelTen's distribution) is on D7 and utilizes the APP-STORE model for adding functionality.
> Drupal Commons intends to move to Drupal7 over the summer if not sooner.
> Open Atrium (Phase 2 Technologie's distribution) continues to provide a steady stream of business for phase2. LevelTen is collaborating with Phase2 to bring in more utilization of the App-Store model to OpenAtrium
> A few attendees at the event announced their private distributions which served niche markets. Matt Champan of Ninjitsu Web Development has a distro serving labor unions while another gentleman [I'll find out who and update this post] mentioned his distro to serve realestate busineses. 
> We also dicussed business models around Distributions which, I have to admit, was rather inspiring! I concluded that we [as a community] are probably leaving a LOT of money on the table by not soliciting or offering distribution based systems as solutions to clients.

Day 2 : PreCamp Training / Business Summit
The Business Summit and PreCamp trainings were on top of eachother at diferent venues. While I was saddened to miss the Business Summit, I did have a wonderful class of 16 students as I taught Drupal7 In a Day. Internestingly, the class was mostly ladies. The class was was picking up quickly and we had  alot of time for QnA and going off the trail of the curriculum.

Day 3 : DrupalCamp day1
Keynote by Angie Byron [Do I even have to explain how awesome that was!!]
I presented TWO sessions:
1> Intro to Views You can watch the video on the session page.
2> Street Creds: Bing an active Drupal citizen No video available, but in essence the class was about how to plug in and get invovled. Examples were: 
  a> Core Office Hours where you can learn how to review patches and submit patches
  b> IRC how to get on Internet Relay Chat and get help and offer help
  c> I'll add more to this later... PROMISE! ;-) 

Day 4 : DrupalCamp day2
Keynote by Jacob Redding. [Extremely awesome. I rather enjoyed the history of the web in the context of OpenSource software. One slide predicted that REDHAT will be the 1st BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY that bases its entire model on OSS!]
I attended a few sessions and hung out a lot. My FAV session was from Brant Wynn of Promet Source. Brant's session Introducing Blocks as Entities & Coding Bean Plugins which explained the practical use and need for blocks to exist as Entities.

In Conclusion:
 absolutely has a BLAST at SANDCamp. Hats off to the organizers and sponsors.


SandCamp was a great experience. I genuinely enjoyed meeting you and I'm glad to see that your Views presentation was recorded. I wasn't able to attend and so it's good to be able to check it out. I'm working on my Street Cred so expect to see me around. Oh, and seeing how you're only as good as your last blog post, you've got a good thing going on. Great wrap up. Hope to see you at DrupalCon Denver.