DrupalCamp South Carolina a HUGE success!

Serving up Drupal, Southern Style!

150+ Attendees
 11 Awesome Drupal Speakers
   2 Tracks
 14 Engaging Drupal Sessions

When the SouthEast LinuxFest organizers asked me to put on a DrupalCamp event at their 2nd annual LinuxFest. I accepted. I figured we could get a few dozen people to come listen about another highly successful OpenSource project. What I didn't know was that so much Drupal talent would step up and present such amazing sessions. I also didn't know that so many Drupal zealots would travel from so far to be there. Lastly, I didn't anticipate so many of the LinuxFest attendees to join us. Needless to say, I was ecstatically surprised! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO MADE IT HAPPEN!

The Drupal booth [pictured above] was a makeshift arrangement of Drupal Swag and literature. that I arranged on the fly. Here are the contents of the booth: [links open in new page]

  • Druplipet The Acquia Drupal Gardens mascot that GROWS!
  • Acquia Drupal Gardens T-shirts & Beta Cards. Go from design to online in 15 minutes with this Drupal7 hosted solution that you can export at any time!
  • ACQUIA stickers. Commercially supported Drupal, remote serving of Apache Solr Search, HA-Hosting, and more.
  • Trifold pamphlets from CMSQuickStart.com. Beautifully themed, highly pre-configured Drupal installs with slide shows, tabs, WYSIWYG and more. Just add content!
  • DrupalConSF Stickers from DuoConsulting.com

The Story: I ran into the SouthEast LinuxFest organizers at last September's Ohio LinuxFest. They saw my Drupal presentation and spoke with me at the Drupal booth. A few months later they asked if I would put on a DrupalCamp event ONTOP of their LinuxFest. I agreed and the rest is history.

MADNESS:  We've agreed to do it again NEXT YEAR! :-)


We're waiting on them...

Thanks so much for organizing this event, Doug. Really enjoyed all the advanced track, learned a lot. Ken Rickard's session on Domain Access blew my mind. Had a blast the whole day.

Looking forward to next year!


Thanks for putting on the drupal camp. I was excited to find an event close to Charlotte and plan to try and branch out to other events in the nearby states.