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A quora.com user asks, "What are 5 Drupal strengths that other CMSs or frameworks don't have?"

See the  question and answer at http://www.quora.com/l/lwmlcCoiJ1

I love it when ppl directly ASK me to answer a question on Quora.com. I also enjoy when someone on LinkedIn sends me a direct message asking me to chime in on a discussion they started. I'm always quick to jump in and share my thoughts.

Here is my response to the question:

Why would a C# or .NET or JAVA or any other programmer want to start providing Drupal Based Solutions?

This blog post is sparked by the conversation, going on right now, over my interview with OpenSource.com
See the post and lively comments here: http://opensource.com/business/12/10/whats-holding-back-mainstream-drupal-adoption 


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