Owning Your Own Life with Drupal

This post is a confession. I confess that I'm a control freak!
There's a good reason why Drupal is rocking the Education Website world. There's a good reason why Drupal is rocking the Social Networking world. There's a good reason why Drupal is rocking the worlds of Social Causes, NGOs, Not For Profit orgs, Churches, Arts, Sciences, Foreign Governments, Political Campaigns, etc.
I believe that Drupal's appeal is first and foremost to the basic human nature of CONTROL. I have long said that Drupal is for Control Freaks, and its so true!

Starting a Drupal users Group at Purdue University, or in Your Area

Yesterday I received a request from a Drupal user who wanted me to help him start a Drupal Users Group on the campus of Purdue University.
You Betcha!
I jumped right on it. 11 months ago I brought the Indianapolis group together for their 1st ever meeting. Let me just say that the 2 of us had a good time. The second meeting was completely different. Well... It was still just two of us but it was a different person and me.
Skip ahead and now we have bi-weekly meetings where hungry people get a steady diet of the Drupal goodness.

The first BLOG post of my new site!

OK! The 1st post is short and sweet. I launched quite a while ago. Now it's an Acquia Drupal install. I spend a great deal of time striving to learn as much as I can about web-technologies and how to provide solutions to problems that get in the way of productivity. Afterwords, I like nothing more than to share with others what I just learned. I will use this blog to capture the events and experiences that I have had this year.


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