A Full Day of Drupal7 Training

The doors of the Innovation Center at the University of Illinois were open from 9am to Midnight on Saturday, June 27th. Over 100 Drupalers showed up for 3 awesome meals and 15 hours of their favorite CMS. The main attraction was showing off Drupal7 but two separate rooms were utilized for workshops. In one workshop Matthew Lechleider & Sean Charles took a group of Drupal beginners and walked them through the build of a not-so-simple site.

Speaking at the WebContent Conference in Chicago June 6-7

I jus received this promo material for the WebContent Conference, so I'm passing it along.
What I really like about this event is that it encompasses many topics and offers something for everyone. Seriously, Duo Consulting has brought in some heavy hitters and Captains of industry to share their knowledge with the attendees. Follow the links and see what it has to offer you. 

Who is Doug Vann

My blogsite has been up since April 2008 and I'm finaly adding a page to explain who I am...


Born 1971 and raised in Indianapolis Indiana.  Graduated Warren Central 1990.  Married my beautiful wife in 1996 now we have 4 children aged 8 to 13.


Got a Commodore64 in 1983. Taught myself to program in BASIC. Wrote a database app for my church in 1984 and a "what color is your parachute" app for my highschool in 1986. Took Fortran and Pascal classes in highschool.


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