Review of "Cracking Drupal ~ A Drop in the Bucket" by WILEY Publishing about #drupal Security

Whoa! This book does not seek to alarm you as much as it seeks to inform you. The problem is not that Drupal is not secure. What author Greggory Knaddison shows is that its up to the admin to make sure that all of the security features are used properly to ensure a secure site. By showing what hackers might do the reader is informed on how to make sure that those attacks would not cause damage to their sites. In a word, this book is PRACTICAL. And for a second word I would add ESSENTIAL. This book is causing a lot of conversation in the Drupal community.

Looking back at the 1st quarter of 2009

Is 2009 REALLY over 25% finished? OK. So it is. What was it like for you? My family has seen less of me this year than in years prior. We made a decision to get as close to debt-free as possible this year and that means breaking new ground on income. Some how spending less is supposed to play a role too, but that doesn't sound like any fun now does it? I am thankful to have a family [Wife and four children] that packs in the quality time that we do spend together. I have 3 day weekends every week and we take advantage of that as much as possible.

Can't wait to present at the 2009 cmsEXPO

If you know me at all you have to know that a CMS is a Content Management System and, for me, the best one going is Drupal. That's why I am so excited to be heading out to Chicago and taking the short trip uptown to Evanston. The CMS-Expo is a 3 day event at the Hotel Orrington April 29th through May 1st. (Oh Man! My B-Day is May 1st!) Since Drupal is not the only CMS available, there will also be tracks for WordPress and Joomla.

My 2009 has been full of Drupal

Man...I finally got around to making my 1st blog since New Years Day, and what's it about? DRUPAL! [[AND a little catch up on how my year has been going]] I started the year off unemployed but by Jan 12th wound up enjoying my 1st day on the NEW job at where I write PHP code, administer severs, and develop in Drupal. Now it's January 24th and I've enjoyed two wonderful weeks at the new gig. SlingShot SEO does what its name implies as well as developing high end sites for businesses with a focus on E-Commerce. They deal with a custom CMS that a former employee developed. They have one Drupal site in current development AND a few more coming up. There were 3 developers in the company and then I came in to become the 4th. The other three were indoctrinated into Drupal by joining the Indiana Drupal Users Group that I lead. Thanks to meeting them at the meetings, they now work with Drupal and I now work with them! BIG NEWS!!! I have my plane ticket AND hotel set up for Drupalcon in Washington DC March 4-7. For those who don't know it... Drupalcon is the MAJOR convention for users and developers of the Drupal Content Management System. This years Drupalcon is being held in Washington DC in early March. I attended the 2008 Drupalcon in Boston last March. This years even is sponsored by MANY great organizations including , , , ,, and A complete list can be found at Why am I going?

For me, 2008 ROCKED! but I still believe 2009 can beat it!

I'm paying homage to 2008; the year that will go down in history as the most incredible year of my web development career. When 2008 started I had no idea that EVERYTHING was going to change. On the last day of 2007 I created my account and days before that I downloaded & installed Drupal; a file that was barely 1Meg in size. For those of you who don't know... Drupal is a funny named but POTENT piece of software that doesn't run on your computer. It runs on a web-server allowing you to create amazing [OH SO AMAZING] websites. Check out this 16 page list of 100+ sites built with Drupal. Anyway... Back to my awesome year.


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