How To Become A Drupal Ninja With The Lullabot DVD Series

I run into people all the time who want to learn how to leverage the awesome power of Drupal. Often, they want to learn as much as they can AND as quickly as possible. There's NO reason why any one can't get exactly what they want out of Drupal. The abundance of resources is OVERWHELMING.
There is NO SHORTAGE of free screencasts and podcasts and tutorials and online recipes, etc. Most of them are good and many are even great! However...

Working Full Time for DuoConsulting

Alrighty folks...
It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with Doug Vann. Your best efforts are inadequate for the task. I blog. I tweet. I share at our local events as well as abroad.... But you still never know exactly what ol' Doug is up to, for the most part...
Here's the skinny:

Today I start my 1st day with Chicago based Duo Consulting!

Creating Browser Specific Drupal Template Pages

I have a client who absolutely insists that the ie6 layout and mouseover issues must be resolved.
I did some of the usual tricks but found that I needed to change the HTML markup in order to really get it right.
My decision? I needed to use a tpl.php template page that would only apply to ie6.
My front page at has some background transparent png files that swap on mouseover. I could NOT get these to work in ie6.

4 reasons why I am going to the Smaller Indiana Bigger Ideas event June 24

There is a rather interesting event coming up in a few weeks that I wanted to make you aware of.

Smaller Indiana is a group I belong to at It is put together by Pat Coyle and runs on the NING platform. By the way. The Ning social publishing platform is quite nice. What Pat has done with it is truly amazing.

Day one of Drupal Camp WI

Day one of DrupalCamp Wisconsin is over.
I've met some cool people. Some I knew from twitter, others I knew from
The more I present the more I want to do it again. I love it when ppl have the AHA moment and things start clicking.
I particularly enjoy getting people up to speed so that when they hit the crazier sessions, they can get more out of them. I remember sitting through API and CCK and Views when I wasn't quite sure what a node was. I'm glad I hap people around to educate me. Now I can't wait to give back any chance I get.


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